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Sites to visit regularly

Slashdot News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters.
Gizmodo The Gadgets Weblog
Dan's Data In depth reviews by an Aussie!
Blues News PC gaming news and links to reviews
The Register Biting the hand that feeds IT

iPhone development

Cocoa for Scientists A nice introductory series of articles

Puzzle generators and solvers

Sudoku Generates pdf files of puzzles
Sudoku Solver Solves Sudokus using logic rules only (no guessing)
9 Letter Word For solving SHM 9-letter word puzzles
Crossword Pattern Search for words matching a given pattern
Tsume Go Of the Day An automatically generated Go problem

Home Theatre PC

Canberra at Digital Broadcasting Australia forums
HTPCnews Linux HTPC talk forum
PVR HW PVR Hardware database and news

Computer software

Keep Tube to download U-tube files
Shareware.Com For shareware and freeware for all the major platforms
CPAN search Search the Perl archives
FileWatcher A searchable file directory
CPR Extreme Patches Computer game patches
Some specific programs
Doom Sysadmin *Really* kill those processes...

Linux resources

Freshmeat Archive of Linux packages, and updates on new versions
Google Linux Search for linux pages
Tune Up Hints and tips for tuning Linux
Linux on Laptops Installing linux on a laptop?
My certificate Use Linux? Register now!
Window Maker, the official GNUStep window manager:
Window Maker The official website of the Window Maker X11 window manager
Window Maker Development A page with details of recent Window Maker developments
Dock Apps For dockable applications (see also the Warehouse)

Hardware reviews

Happy Hacking The control key is back in the right place!
Ars-Technica A great PC enthusiast's resource
Tom's Hardware Guide Popular hardware review site
Sharky Extreme Hardware and game reviews and news
iXBT From the country of bears and vodka
Storage Review Thinking of buying a disk drive? Want a fast one? Say no more...

Local and Australian links

WOTIF To book stand-by accommodation in Australia (and overseas)
Cougar A very nice computer store in Canberra (Australia) --- check out the great web pages
Web Wombat Search for Australian sites only
ANU Mathematics Seminar announcements etc.
ANU Library Online searching and renewals
Canberra films Courtesy of Google
Canberra weather Forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology
Canberra TV guide Thanks to Cate for being gorgeous!
Steve's Corner Best buys and web vendor list

About Us

US Blog For news from Princeton, New Jersey, USA
Married! Cate and Michael are married... see more about our wonderful bush wedding
Wamboin Our beautiful home in the Country
Weeroona Wildlife Various shots of fauna taken at our beautiful property
Create Cate's Create Communication site

Mathematics and Science

This Week's Finds John Baez's amazing mathematical physics column
Not Even Wrong Peter Woit's anti-String Theory blog
Bathsheba Grossman An artist exploring how math, science and sculpture meet
Philosophy of Real Mathematics, David Corfield's blog
How things work Answers to those irritating little questions in life, like whether ice cubes made out of heavy water sink to the bottom of your drink?
Cells Alive Gee, isn't ebola tiny?
The Alternate View John Cramer's science columns
Mathematician Biographies Biographies of many famous (and not so famous) mathematicians

Nintendo DS links

Angband NDS New multi-variant Angband NDS page
FAAngbaNDS Old development page for the NDS version of Nick's FAAngband variant
NetHackDS Brettk's amazing DS port of NetHack to the DS
qj.net For commercial/homebrew news
nornagon has an intriguing roguelike library for the DS
Angband wiki with UI rewrite (research for DS port)
nds-roms For rom dumps
romsite For more rom dumps

Arcade machines and emulation

Linux Arcade Miscellany details my current Linux 2.6 + AdvanceMAME project.
Mame *The* Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
AdvanceMame Mame with mode-line support (and more)
KLOV The Killer List of Video Games!
Aaron's Millipede A Linux based AdvanceMame project
MameWorld The largest MAME resource on the net?
Arcade Controls Collection of FAQs and guides
Happs Controls Buttons, joysticks and more!
Ultimarc The Ultimate in Arcade Controls (home of the J-PAC)
OzStick Want a ready made control panel for your PC?
Killer List The Killer List of Video Games
Filtek Australia Repairs and sells arcade machines
Emulaton of game consoles
GBA Emulation on the Gameboy-Advance
ROM World Roms and images for many platforms
BIOS House BIOS image for all game platforms

Science Fiction links

Got a minute? Read a book!
VIE The Vance Integral Edition site
Vance news Frequently updated news on all things Vancian
Underwood books Eclectic publisher
Good Culture links Following the article...
The Interesting Times Gang A good list of Culture ship names

Other resources

Research-It! Your one-stop reference desk
Complain Scott Pakin's automatic complaint-letter generator
Digital Blasphemy Download some interesting backgrounds
How stuff works Cars, computers, coffee; you name it, they explain it
IMDb The Internet Movie Database
Exchange rates For any exchange rate convertions
Heavens Above! Satellite visibility predictions

This page?

This page is a work in progress... bugs in IE's box model have caused me no end of problems. While incomplete, the page is currently built by a Perl script which formats the human-friendly format into a HTML document. A style sheet defines the visual formatting, while some javascript is used to provide user customization (not quite working yet).
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